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Reiki Healing – What is it and 10 benefits does it provide for health and well-being

Reiki is a healing system based on an understanding of the human body’s energy system. The word Reiki means “mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign”. It comes from the Japanese words “Rei”, which means universal and “ki”, meaning vital energy. According to practitioners, energy can become stagnant in the body with physical injury or perhaps emotional pain.

reiki healing

Over time, these energy blockages can lead to disease. Energy medicine is intended to help energy flow and clear blockages, similar to acupuncture or acupressure. Doctors say that improving the flow of energy around the body allows relaxation, reduces pain, speeds healing and reduces other symptoms of illness.

People who practice Reiki healing focus on improving health and quality of life, restoring balance. This method of healing and wellness has been practised for over a hundred years. The founder of this healing method was Dr Mikao Usui, born in Japan into a wealthy Buddhist family in 1865.

As a child, he studied in a monastery, but throughout his education, he became interested in medicine, psychology and theology. For this reason, he became interested in finding ways to heal himself and other people. He wanted to find a healing method that was not tied to any specific religion or belief.

With this, what he certainly wanted was for the method or system to be available to anyone. Dr. Usui dedicated himself to traveling and studying various healing systems. In the same way, he performed different professions such as reporter, guard, public servant, missionary and others. He eventually became a Buddhist priest or monk and lived in a monastery.

Birth of Reiki Healing

Dr Usui would stay in a cave for 21 days to fast, meditate and pray. On the morning of the twenty-first day, Dr Usui experienced an event that would change his life forever. He saw ancient Sanskrit symbols, which helped him develop the healing system he wanted and fought so hard to create, and Usui Reiki was born.

Following this great spiritual awakening, Dr. Usui established a healing and teaching clinic in Kyoto, where he became well known for his healing practice. Before he died, Dr. Usui imparted his teachings so that his systems would not be forgotten. Among the various teachers he trained was a former naval officer and also Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. Dr. Hayashi perfected this system by adding hand positions so that he could cover much more of the body.

Beginnings of Reiki in the West

Dr. Hayashi also trained several Reiki masters, including a woman named Hawayo Takata. Ms. Takata was a Japanese-American woman who had first come to Dr. Hayashi for a cure. But amazed at the results she decided to learn the system herself.

So when she returned home, she took the teachings of the Reiki healing method with her. In this way he was introducing this method in the West. Today, people who practice Reiki use the methods developed by Dr. Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki.

The genius of this healing method is that practitioners can use it to heal themselves and for their well-being. Furthermore, working on self-healing is a prerequisite to offering Reiki healing to others.

Modern Reiki masters can offer Reiki energy to others through gentle static pressure touch, using hand positions. They can even provide comfort over long distances as prayer is offered. So, this traditional Reiki system or method has three levels. In the first level, Reiki can be given only with contact, that is, by placing our hands on another person or on ourselves.

In the second level where Reiki can be sent at a distance. The third level is when you can initiate other people in Reiki, the master level. Reiki healing complements many medicinal therapies and traditional medicine. For people who suffer from pain, illness, or imbalance, the Reiki healing method is a good option.

How does Reiki Healing work?

Eastern medicinal systems and yoga and acupuncture have recognized life force energy. So they work to remove energy blockages and support natural healing mechanisms. Reiki is also an influential spiritual healing art.

Lifeforce is the indefinable energy that surrounds us. This energy flows through every living being through means such as meridians and chakras. This vital force nourishes all the body cells and promotes their proper functioning. It is used to balance and align a person gently.

reiki healing benefits

However, when the free flow of life force is interrupted, it is possible for anyone to feel weak and become more prone to ailments. All the stress and negative thoughts you have can certainly hurt the flow of life force.

This causes interruptions and decrease in the proper functioning of the body’s organs. That is why strengthening and balancing the life force is essential to keep the body healthy or to heal faster.

The Reiki practitioner gently places their hands on or near the patient’s body during a session. The healing energy then passes from the Reiki practitioner to the patient, who may feel relief. This energetic Reiki healing system can work on different levels and in different dimensions. Reiki healing impacts the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to a great extent.

Benefits of Reiki Healing and how it improves general well-being

Indeed, this Reiki healing method is becoming more popular as time goes by. Many people are using this traditional method to heal themselves and help many other people.

Promotes balance and harmony

Reiki could undoubtedly be a very effective tool to restore balance to your body on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. By balancing your whole being, every part of your body can function in complete harmony. When a body functions in complete peace, it automatically enhances its natural healing abilities to improve overall health.

Help you relax

People under a lot of stress can try Reiki healing for anxiety as it can help release all tension, stress, anxiety, and negative feelings. This method of healing and wellness can be a very relaxing experience, leaving people feeling rejuvenated. They are achieving with this a state of peace, health and well-being.

Dissolve energy blocks

Reiki therapy activates consciousness. This will make you much more aware of the problem taking away your peace and tranquillity. This method removes energy blockages in negative thoughts or self-critical feelings to give you peace of mind.

By activating the conscience, you will be able to listen to your body and your mind to make appropriate decisions for your well-being. Being aware of your needs can help you access your inner wisdom and knowing, which will help you deal with daily stress much better.

Improves focus and clarity of mind

Taking this therapy can help you stay focused on the present, letting go of past regrets and future anxieties. This can undoubtedly heal emotional and mental wounds. Also, relieve fears and frustration while increasing mental clarity and learning. All this will result in you strengthening your ability to handle situations and events that develop in an unwanted way.

Encourages spiritual growth

Reiki sessions promote the self-healing of the person through personal development. She helps develop a connection with the soul by bringing forth qualities such as understanding, love and acceptance. People must learn to accept themselves as they are and have compassion for others.

Improve personal relationships

By rebuilding you and improving your emotional state, Reiki therapy can help heal and improve personal relationships. It can elevate your ability to relate and connect with people slightly deeper, thus improving your relationships.

Remember that with this therapy, you can cleanse yourself of harmful feelings to achieve inner peace. This, in turn, improves your ability to love freely and open up to other people, causing relationships to flourish naturally.

Strengthens immunity

Regular Reiki therapy sessions can help your body get rid of all the toxins, thus contributing to a strong immune system. A vast majority of people are constantly in a struggle responding to stress.

Which can upset the balance and immunity of the body. So they are much more susceptible to disease. This is where Reiki therapy plays an important role, helping your body shift from a fighting state to a self-healing state, allowing you to intensify your natural defense systems.

Helps you sleep better

There is no doubt that when the body is in proper balance, the person can have better sleep and a good rest. When your mind is at peace and free from fears and worries, you certainly sleep well. And, of course, the more relaxed a person is, the more productive and active they can be without experiencing burnout or stress.

Heals inflammation and infections

Water charged with Reiki energy can be an excellent natural remedy for healing inflammation and infection. Remember that stress can lead to many ailments. As we have already mentioned, Reiki significantly decreases stress and strengthens the body’s immunity to fight infections.

In fact, during pregnancy, it can be just as valuable. Of course, a pregnant woman can have Reiki sessions to address joint pain, common infections, and stress that often occurs during pregnancy.

Treats cancer-related symptoms

It should be noted that Reiki cannot cure cancer. But it can be very effective in treating symptoms related to it and pain, fatigue, and depression. These therapies for cancer patients can help deal with the fatigue and pain that follow most cancer treatments.

Reiki healing therapies can help mentally strengthen people to fight cancer, thus improving their quality of life somewhat. Similarly, these therapies can greatly relieve people suffering from migraines, arthritis and asthma.

Other information about Reiki Healing

A Reiki session can last approximately 90 minutes. It is worth mentioning that some people can experience relaxation almost immediately after starting the session. Other people can experience the benefits of Reiki after a couple of sessions.

Now, how long can the effects of a Reiki session last? Undoubtedly, for each person, it is different. This depends on the intensity or amount of healing that the person needs. Of course, to have the excellent benefits of Reiki, at least four sessions are necessary.

It is worth mentioning that anyone can learn to do Reiki and obtain benefits for themselves and others. It can last from a few weeks to a month for some people. But that depends on the ailments and emotional stress the person is under. To attend the sessions you can wear very comfortable and loose clothing. The important thing is that you feel comfortable.

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