April Birthstone

April Birthstone



Diamonds, you don’t have to be a born in April or even to believe in birthstone ideologies to see why diamonds are the most coveted gemstones on the planet. When you get up close to diamonds you can tell that its something priceless as they are adorned with amazing glamour and beautiful colors.

April has a very interesting birthstone since it is certainly the most coveted and the most expensive everywhere. It is important to understand that the hardest substance on the plane comes in several variations even in terms of color. But we cannot the discussion on some of the regalest gems on the planet without digging deep into their meaning and the vibe they can add to your life.

While magical birthstone are known to be the source of new inspiration and strength to conquer all odds, diamonds are some of the most powerful gifts you can get someone you love. The best birthstones are given as gifts and that perfect gift for that perfect someone might as well be a diamond!

Diamonds for birthstone

While many might seek birthstones that bring good fortune and success, diamonds are the embodiment of good fortune and success. Diamonds were given to bring food fortune especially to people born in April on their birthday. In the recent past and by recent we mean over several thousand years diamonds and other gemstones associated with a birthday month have been a valuable gifting option. Other than their use for birthstones they also bear the significance of providing a basis on which someone can say something about themselves. An eternal source of inspiration and positive light and healing.

Those of us who quite the science nerds will wow the rest of us mere mortals with the fact that diamonds, the hardest most spectacular material on the planet is made of the same element as coals. As one country song goes, pressure makes diamonds much harder than stone! Over thousands of years subjected to intense heat and pressure, the substance changed into a completely different substance that is just a feast for your eyes.

Natural vs synthetic diamonds

There are natural diamonds that are pricey of course and then there are synthetic ones and that is an important distinction. The real gem is simply described as being alive and indeed there are no words that can describe fully the indestructible beauty of diamonds. The transformation of coal into diamonds or whether it was the other way around is still a mystery and even those who purport to understand it remain incapable of repeating the exact process.

The hardest known substance on the planet

So far we have seen that the loveliest rocks on the planet are also hard, but they also possess other desirable traits and powers as it was primitively believed. Diamonds can split light making rainbows due to their unique internal structure. It is this dispersion of monochromatic light into the various rainbow colors that makes the diamond a desirable gem. The are resistant to current flow but an excellent heat dissipater. In ancient times, diamonds were thought to have fallen from the sky as shreds of stars or sometimes hardened dew drops. Yet other factions believed that diamonds were crystallized lightning. Still, the source of diamonds remains a mystery to science since we can only work on theories of evolution but not synthesize the exact substance.

Diamonds as a birthstone

The true meaning of diamonds as a birthstone is happiness and financial prosperity. A diamond has the unique ability to bring back liveliness or simply pay up the physical liveliness of the wearer. It will poise emotions and safeguard against bad ones. Because diamonds are forever, the gem is associated with immortality and transcendence. The rock will be the hardest thing in your possession and that means they are virtually indestructible when it comes to everyday wear.

Diamonds are priceless gems and will always be for as long as they remain so rare. Other than that, we also know that they hold very deep spiritual and mythological significance and are of great sentimental value to most owners. Their aesthetic worth only adds to their ocean of value.

Colored diamonds are the best

While most people think that diamonds are only colorless transparent gems, there are many of the gemstones that are colored. There are even gray, brown and white diamonds in addition to all the colors of the rainbow. Yes, colorless diamonds are beautiful and pricey but green, blue, pink or black colored diamonds are rare and some of the most valuable.

It’s a cold yet sparkling fire of diamonds that can cast a spell on any beholder and particularly when gifting for April birthdays. You cannot also forget the mothers out there who will need the purity after delivering April babies. For whichever occasion, whether you want to propose or bequeath inheritance, diamonds are dear to men and women and particularly April babies.

As hard as they are, diamonds can be cut and various custom jewelry made out of them. You can even hand stamp a loved one’s name on the diamond and have a custom design just to make it more personal. Diamonds are a gift from the heart and will be held dearly for a lifetime. They are also a reliable store of wealth that one can liquidate in the future should there need to do so.

Not all diamonds are born equal. There was initially no standard for evaluating diamonds but in the modern society, we have come up with the first standard of comparison. This includes the diamond’s color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. These are called as the four C’s of diamond quality and are internationally accepted as a universal method of determining the value of any diamond in the world.

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