August Birthstone

August Birthstone


The month of August corresponds to the absolutely beautiful green peridot gemstone in the birthstone by month chart. It is a small sized gem that makes cute bracelets and beaded necklaces. Looking at the stone you obviously know it is simply not of this world. Today we explore one of the most beautiful stones on the planet and its special origins. After you read this, you will not help but fall in love with this alien gem and all it has to offer as birthstone and healing stone.

Peridot birthstone


Peridot is a small gem as stated earlier that occurs in only a single color, green. Typically, the color is olive green even though there are a slight variation from one gem to another depending on the unique combinations of compounds contained. Specifically, the iron component of the rock is what determines the depth of the green hue. There are some that are yellowish green and others that turn brownish but still green but that is it.

The most interesting source of peridot is meteorites from outer space. Yes, you can walk around wearing a piece of a shooting star. One begins to wonder what kind of environment the meteorite has experienced in the past millions of years and how lucky we are that it found its trajectory to earth right. After such a long time, thousands to millions of years after formation, this stone was meant to cross paths with you or someone you love as an August baby and that is destiny. We can only conclude that the stone has gathered enough energy to impact your life positively.

The most precious peridot stones are those that fell from the sky as you can imagine but the beauty of it is that it can also be mined from the ground as evident in mines in parts of Tanzania and the US. Olive green peridots fetch the highest prices but there are people who prefer the lighter and darker shades as well.

Significance of Peridot as a birthstone

Peridot is known around the world and has different meanings when worn according to cultures. Again, we take the universal approach and commonly accepted symbolism to make sure that new users are able to get the most out of the gem. We also sample some cultures and ancient mythologies to give you a rough picture of what ancient civilizations thought of peridot.

In Hawaii today, peridot is popular and was believed to be the tears of the goddess Pele the goddess of fire and volcanos. Other cultures used the stone to represent the sun or believed that it had origins in the sun. These two symbols are enough to tell you that the stone is a powerful gem that packs warmth and power. Those who wear peridot necklaces believe that they bring power and influence. If you were born in August and you are looking to have a wonderful year ahead, the stone will make your wishes come true.

Find healing and creation of a new world

As a healing crystal or stone, the peridot birthstone for August is not any less important. There are myths that the stone has the ability to protect the wearer from nightmares and promote good sleep. A long time ago, the stone was also worn to ward off evil spirits lurking in the darkness waiting to do harm to the wearer. The importance of peridot to the contemporary birthstone calendar is as a gift from mother nature to celebrate the rebirth of a world. It is also for those who seek to rise to power easily and to have control over their nightmares.

History of Peridot

Peridot is one of the oldest gems to have been in contact with the man since before the middle ages. It has survived ancient Egypt and many other civilizations and its purpose other than that of spiritualism seems to have been enhancing beauty. Egyptians used the stone for pendants, rings, inlays, and other wearable items. The stone is attractive and can easily be mistaken for emeralds and has found use in church ornaments.

To give you a rough picture of just how valuable a peridot is, they have one as a crown jewel of Russia which is 192-carat peridot in the Kremlin. Because of its lesser value compared to emeralds, the peridot gemstone has bee under-appreciated. It is commonly called the evening emerald even though the stone is a stunning beauty in its own right. 192 carats might not seem realistic, given that stones of the same type at 15 carats are rare and highly valuable, but it is.

Appearance of Peridot

It is one of the stones that exist in only one color but luckily, the olive green makes a great appetite for the eyes both indoors and outdoors. The color also complements well both warm and cold colors and cuts across classic and contemporary fashion.

Like diamonds, peridots of higher carats are rarer and have an even higher value. Generally, peridots under 5 carats are more abundant and fetch lower prices. Above 10 carats, the stone is as rare as they come and provide a bold look for an affordable cost compared to emeralds and other precious gems. Since not all gems are created equal and neither are our preferences the same, it is allowable that you prefer peridots with earthy undertones and in that case, you should find lots of cheap itinerary for your collection.

Final thoughts on Peridot birthstone

For those of us born in the month of August, there is not a variety of colors or gems when it comes to birthstones but you get a beautiful piece. People will often mistake it for an emerald as it has always been throughout history but you can take the opportunity to start a conversation on the rich history of peridots. It is a great conversational piece for your collection and no collection is ever complete without the elegance and beauty of a nicely cut peridot.

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