April Birthstone


April Birthstone Diamond Diamonds, you don’t have to be a born in April or even to believe in birthstone ideologies to see why diamonds are the most coveted gemstones on the planet. When you get up close to diamonds you can tell that its something priceless as they are adorned with amazing glamour and beautiful … Read more

March Birthstone


March Birthstone Aquamarine and Bloodstone Are you a believer in birthstones? Whether or not you buy the idea of stones providing positive vibes for you to run on. It is well known fact and with growing popularity that people born in March are some of the most awesome persons of ever and also some of … Read more

February Birthstone


February Birthstone Amethyst The month of February is one of the coldest and darkest months around the globe especially in contrast to the brighter month of January which precedes it. Just the same, it is also the shortest month of the year and the month of love. To get the necessary warmth from inside out, … Read more

Chakra Alignment | What you need to know?


What are chakra and Chakra Alignment For the first time, the word chakra can be pretty intimidating especially when introducing the concept that we all have it. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for “wheel” that refers to the point of physical or spiritual energy focus in our bodies. Actually, we have seven major points on … Read more

January Birthstone


January Birthstone Garnet People born on the first month of the western year have the luck of having one of the brightest months of the year around the planet. This is perhaps the reason why the people born in January are some of the most vibrant and energetic positive persons even as adults. And this … Read more

The best places to Buy Crystals | A Simple Guide

buy crystals

The best places to buy crystals Buying crystals offline can be less of a risk than on the web. While there are some quality suppliers, who are listed below, there is also a high number of fraudulent players. The surest bet when buying crystals is visiting a certified gem show. You are very likely to … Read more

Crystals For Anxiety – Are You feeling Anxious or Stressed


What You Must Know From Crystal For Anxiety That Is Necessary For Your Wellbeing There are millions of people in the world who have experienced anxiety at some point in their lives. Based on the research, having anxiety might be all your parents’ fault, but it is your responsibility to ensure you use the crystal … Read more

Healing Crystals | All You Need To Know Before Buying It


Healing Crystals – A Complete Guide Healing crystals are all types of precious stones that are thought to possess certain healing properties and powers harnessed from the sun, moon and the oceans reuniting us with the earth when we encounter them. The beliefs surrounding healing crystals have been around for many centuries and the proof … Read more