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The best places to Buy Crystals | A Simple Guide

The best places to buy crystals

Buying crystals offline can be less of a risk than on the web. While there are some quality suppliers, who are listed below, there is also a high number of fraudulent players. The surest bet when buying crystals is visiting a certified gem show. You are very likely to find a crystal that draws your energy at these shows since they have a lot of variety. There are also many trustworthy online sellers, provided you know how to pick them apart.

What are some of the best places to buy crystals?


There are a few trustworthy offline crystal marketplaces that guarantee high quality, legitimate and well-handled crystals. For UK based readers, Soulful Crystals and Esoteric Earth are two leading providers. They offer a range of crystals and great service to match. For US based readers, Lavish Earth and Mile Hi Consciousness are big on carefully curated and premier quality crystals.


For many people, regardless of their experience with crystals, shopping for a product online can be overwhelming. Loads of sellers, some of whom are not legitimate, offer different products.  A large number of these products are promoted without even a great picture, let alone a description of the energetic characteristics. There are a few online shops that you should consider when buying crystals.

The UK based crystal shop, Mystery Mountain, is a family based business that offers great quality crystals available in different shapes and sizes.

Sage Goddess is your one stop shop for more than just crystals. Aside from their impressive collection, this online shop also offers a variety of crystal-infused soaps, candles, and perfumes. By shopping at Sage Goddess, you could be able to incorporate crystal healing into different aspects of your life!

Even though The Hood Witch does not offer a large variety of crystals, it offers one of the highest quality curation process available. Every piece on offer is stocked for a reason!

Energy Muse offers sufficient variety for every lifestyle. For buyers looking to access new crystals and a constantly refreshed stock, Energy Muse can be an ideal shopping platform.

Rae Kai’s customized crystal grid is an innovative and proprietary product that should make you consider the brand. The online shop offers a variety of crystals, as well as consultation services to facilitate customization.

For an online shop that really puts in some effort, Inner Vision Crystals is a great recommendation. The shop’s founder visits the mines from which the shop acquires crystals, for an extremely hands-on approach.

Moonrise Crystals is another shop that offers a hands-on approach. When buying from this shop, you will be provided a full breakdown of where your crystal is sourced from. It can be a great shop for customized stones, with additional e-mail consultation available for customers.

Based in Wales, Kacha Stones is detail-influenced crystal shop that could help you meet your energy needs. They offer a variety of unique crystals,  including hand mined crystals from unique locations such as “The mountain of gods” in Namibia.

What to consider when buying crystals online?

There are many sellers online, some of who may not offer legitimate services. Fake crystals failed deliveries and a host of other risks face crystal buyers who are considering buying their preferred products online. So how do you authenticate a crystal seller on the internet? If a company has spent a great deal of effort to design their website to appeal to clients that might be interested in crystals, chances are high that they could be right.  A great design usually includes high-quality imaging with shots taken from multiple angles to offer value to potential buyers. The quality of content, as well as other factors that might require professional effort,  might also signify a legitimate seller.

You could consider getting a recommendation from a friend. Since online shops are inherently virtual, you will not have the physical experience of choosing your crystals. As items may somewhat be misrepresented through imaging, it may be a great idea to seek physical recommendation from someone who has already purchased crystals online to guide you.

If you do not have anyone around you that has actually made a purchase from a credible online crystal store, you could consider seeking reviews. There are many great sources of customer reviews that could help you determine the authenticity and quality of service of a crystal seller. In an increasingly virtual evolution to business, reviews can be the guide to helping you find your preferred shops.

A credible online shop will offer a range of crystals, as well as detail out their energy properties. Even if you do not find something you want to buy, a credible online shop should offer education as well. An ideal site should also offer guarantees that heir crystals are sourced ethically and from reputable suppliers.

The quality of customer care can be a great tool to tell apart crystal sellers. You should consider brands that are timely in their response as well as offer a problem solving approach. Customer support will mitigate the risks involved in online business, such as parcel loss. If the company is active on social media, chances are that their reputation is credible as well.

How to buy crystals online?

Healing Crystals can be a great tool to realign your energy. If you already have a few crystals, chances are that you want more. But do you know how to maximize your benefit when shopping for crystals online? This simple guide will help increase the value of your crystal collection.

You should always make an inventory of your crystal collection. It is important that you know what you have in order to avoid purchasing similar crystals.

You should note which crystals are more likely to work for you than others. Understanding your spiritual state could help you determine which crystals you should get more of, to ensure you maximize the value of your collection to you. This will take some months.

If you follow the guide above, you will be able to purchase from trustworthy sellers online. However, breaking down your collection into an inventory and listing your needs will help you plan for your purchases, as well as take advantage of bargain prices.

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