Chakra Alignment | What you need to know?

What are chakra and Chakra Alignment

For the first time, the word chakra can be pretty intimidating especially when introducing the concept that we all have it. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for “wheel” that refers to the point of physical or spiritual energy focus in our bodies. Actually, we have seven major points on the body between the top of the head and the base of the sine when seated in the cross-legged lotus pose. Here is all you need to know about chakras and why the get misaligned. More importantly, we will tell you how to get your chakras back in alignment and your health back in top shape.

All the chakras in our bodies have a unique purpose and when they are misaligned, our physical and mental health suffers. Chakras are not a new form of tissue or body organ that you can touch but their effect can indeed be felt. Like much of the alternative medicine we present here, these are about a higher state of mind rather than sticking to biological sciences which cannot treat for everything.

Locating the seven major chakras and their purpose.


If this is your first time and you are like most people who do not have a deeper understanding of their inner beings you might find it hard to understand. But once you are able to experience the effect of each chakra then you begin to get it. Before then, here are some of the major chakras that you might be able to relate to by purpose.

#1. Root chakra (MULADHARA)

From the bottom of the spine, we have the first chakra which is the root chakra which serves as the grounding point that connects us back to the universe. When this chakra is unbalanced, you may stop feeling grounded and disconnect from the world around you. Physiological implications include failing kidneys and adrenal issues.

To restore balance to your root chakra you will need to apply myrrh or cedarwood oil to the lower back directly or on the wrists every day before bed. Other foods that can restore the root chakra are cloves and marjoram. During your yoga, focus on these points with the mountain pose, side angle pose and warrior pose among others.

#2 Sacral Chakra (SVADHISHTHANA)

Just below the belly buttons is yet another useful chakra that regulates sexuality and pleasurable sensations. This is also the chakra that is responsible for emotions.  When you keep this chakra healthy, you will enjoy your sex life and find sexual satisfaction. To stay on top of your emotions, you need to manage this chakra.

Jasmine and Ylang Slang oils are essential to a healthy Sacral Chakra. Yoga is also quite helpful and the positions of forwarding bend and spine bound are the most useful. For this one, you want to go with the positions that include opening poses.

#3 Navel Chakra (SOLAR PLEXUS)

This chakra is located above our naval and is responsible for the control on personal fears and anxiety as well as power over the self. Failure of alignment of the chakra insights stomach upset and adrenal glands problems.

To align this chakra, there are two essential oils you can use; ginger and lemon which should be applied on wrists. Other healers recommend that you take some decaffeinated herbal tea with lemon and ginger additives. Meditation with mantra ram also helps while keeping focus on the heat building poses like the warrior, half twist and sun salutation.

#4 Heart Chakra (ANAHATA)

Nearest to the physical heart, the Heart chakra is related to love and compassion. A broken Anahata can cause people to move through a cascade of painful breakups and not find love. This is the chakra to balance well when you need to find love and meaningful relationships that last.

People with broken Anahata will have unhealthy hearts, immune deficiency, and poor circulation. This is the chakra that is most affected by stress.

Some remedies include bergamot and rose and thyme essential oil which ought to be applied early in the morning to awaken this Heart chakra. Meditation to the mantra Yam helps. For yoga, you should focus on the chest opening poses like the cobra, , camel and fish. You could try some alternate nostril breathing as well.

#5 Throat Chakra (VISHUDDHA)

The Vishuddha is responsible for sharing and speaking one’s mind. People with a troubled Vishuddha will have a hard time expressing themselves even if they know what they want to know. Others who are always saying too much and over-sharing are suffering the effects of an overly open chakra.

Eucalyptus oil before you go to bed will do well for your Throat chakra. For meditation, mantra Ham is the best option supported with yoga in the Fish, camel and Lion positions among others.

#6 Third-eye Chakra (AJNA)

The third eye is located between the eyebrows. As people commonly use the term, the third eye is what guides your intuition. When you keep your ajna healthy, you will have a healthy head and eyes. On the contrary people with faulty chakra ajna will have sleepless nights and interruptions in sleep.

To restore chakra Ajna, you will need to apply clary sage, jasmine, and helichrysum. You can throw in some bay leaves in your food and jasmine as well. Meditation is with mantra Om and yoga should focus on child’s pose as well as the seated Yoga Mudra.

#7 Crown Chakra (SAHASRARA)

This chakra is located in the head crown and it is the main port where we are connected to the spiritual. It relates to the physiological central nervous system.

When you have a balanced crown, you will enjoy a stable nervous system and blissful feeling. The only way to realign the Sahasrara is through deeper meditation in silence. Walking outdoors and yoga will also help. Yoga in the balancing poses like the tree or eagle positions is most effective.

Final thoughts on chakra alignment

There is a belief, healing crystals can be used to balance our chakras. It is possible to set the crystals on our body or wear them. The perfect balancing of crystals is totaly depends on the symptoms of illness. Though many individuals have found these methods to be helpful, it is essential to note that any scientific research or evidence do not support these practices are useful in curing physical or psychological difficulties. If the person is physical or mental, they should talk with a physician and/or therapist to tackle these problems.

As you might have noticed, there is more to it than you might have imagined. This piece was just a scratch on the surface and a tip of the iceberg so to speak. We have a community of seekers of inner truth and those who dare to dream and achieve by doing. If you are interested in realigning your chakra, make this a priority today and your life will never be the same again.

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