Crystals For Anxiety – Are You feeling Anxious or Stressed

What You Must Know From Crystal For Anxiety That Is Necessary For Your Wellbeing

There are millions of people in the world who have experienced anxiety at some point in their lives. Based on the research, having anxiety might be all your parents’ fault, but it is your responsibility to ensure you use the crystal for anxiety when caring for your recovery. People of all ages and diverse backgrounds have known it to be downright crippling. Today’s youth are ditching psychiatric medicines and seeking natural cures more than ever. The younger generation may be realizing that there is a happy medium between their parents’ advice to either take drugs with side effects or listen to the rain.

The crystal is a potent protector for healers, to shield against negativity. It is also used to clear the energy field from negative and harmful electromagnetic frequencies as those generated by electronic devices including television screen, mobile phones, and computers. Choosing a crystal is a personal rather than standard journey involving knowledge about crystals, intuition, purpose, and selection of crystals according to the needs, use, and attraction. The color, the texture and the feeling about one crystal or another is a personal experience. Hold the crystal in the palms of the hand, let it breathe in a bit, juggle with both hands and make it turn. Feel the energy and let it speak, or emanate vibrations to you.

The Benefits You Can Get from Crystal for anxiety Healers

  • They help you to balance your energies. Check out what different crystals do and use them to balance those energies with our or in the environment in which we live.
  • They assist in relieving your overall stress, anxiety, and depression, or just helping you to relax. You can play with different crystals and determine the ones that have a soothing effect. You should note that this will vary from week to week or day to day.
  • Crystal healers can help you with menstrual problems, headaches, digestive problems, relief from pain, fatigue, memory loss, concentration and even learning difficulties.
  • They will also assist you in balancing your environment by performing the right placement. When your office or home is off balance, your energies will be affected by this imbalance, even to the point of sickness. Putting crystal at your home corners can balance and protect your energies. placing your crystal in the corners of the property can also help.
  • They can help to place the crystal over parts of your ailing body. when we become ill a frequency of our off-balance becomes affected, Put a crystal over this part can help it to re-balance and over time make a significant impact on its re-balancing.
  • Re-balance your frequencies. the crystals have unique energy or frequency. You can use the energies to balance off your frequencies within yourself, in your environment and your body.
  • Crystal healers will help you in connecting to the universal energy within yourself. silver and Gold are specifically good for this purpose. crystals with these properties are worth the money and effort.
  • They will also help you with your relationships, wealth building, and your personal self-fulfillment.

Crystals can be used in many different ways and process various types of energy. Energy is a moving frequency when compared to songs spread throughout the universe. The energy can be modified in various ways with crystal. You can consider only few which includes a reflection, reception, magnification, refraction, focusing, amplification, transference, transmutation, storage, transformation, balancing, transmittance, and stabilization. These are the main benefits of crystals, explore your crystals. Be with them, connect with them and you will find that you have a powerful friend and helper.

By working to heal the body, crystal therapy is a natural form of deep relaxation mixed with meditation that boosts the overall immune system and makes the body function more efficiently. It benefits the body by balancing the mind with the spirit which in turn balances the body. It can boost creativity, improve communication and even help with the development of your spirituality. It is not recommended that you replace medical treatment if it is needed, but it can give a boost to your wellbeing that can actually improve the body and mind. From increasing feelings of empowerment, inspiring love, or to relieving migraines, healers offer a world of benefits to anyone.

Anxiety can affect us all, for some it is constantly, others may have it from time to time and for people who don’t have it frequently they may only encounter it during major life changes. During a treatment, the aura is checked thoroughly and any holes are repaired.  Not only do we lose energy out of the holes like leaving the window open, but we also take in the energy that isn’t ours.  Have you ever walked into a room where someone has had an argument and you can feel the energy in the room? How did it make you feel? Uncomfortable, drained, like you wanted to leave? On the other side of things, how wonderful does it feel when you go to a festival and you can feel everyone enjoying themselves, upbeat and happy.  We are all made up of energy and we are affected by the energy around us.  Spiritually, anxiety is in the air, it circles around us, most of the time it won’t affect people, but in times of sadness, change, worry, sickness, injury, our aura can end up with holes and we can take on the anxiety.  Sometimes we will know exactly why we feel that way, we may have been in a situation or around people that we can pinpoint it to that, we may be going through something in our lives where its understandable that we feel the way we do, other times it will be out of the blue, no explanation and nothing we do can shift the feeling that is out of our control.

By repairing the holes you take back control of your own energy.  You shut the window.  Your body can begin to repair what is happening inside using its full energy, and outside energy isn’t causing further damage to your body. There is a lot more to what happens during a treatment and the after effects, but on a basic level, if you have been feeling anxious it is likely to be a sign that you have holes in your aura and although there may be a lot more going on that needs to be worked on, fixing those holes is your first step. There are a few ways to incorporate crystals into your life, carrying them around with you, holding or rubbing them in your hands, placing them on particular parts of your body or meditating with them by you. Just having them in your home is believed to work wonders as well.

What Crystal Healers Can Do To You

The act that a crystal healer performs is very simple. They place crystals on different parts of the body, in a certain area of a room or anywhere that corresponds to the chakras that are out of balance. By constructing an energy grid of sort to remove the bad energy and bring in the good energy, crystal healers work to surround a person with the healing energy that they need. This, in turn, removes the blocked chakras in the aura of the body. By using the color of crystals that match up with the color of the chakra, the crystals give off different healing vibrations for different treatments. This brings about the positive vibrations that attract positive events in the life of a person who uses a healer.

Crystal healers work in a place of serenity, usually in a space that promotes peace and quiet as well as comfort. Fully clothed, the healer will speak to you about what you feel is wrong so that they can decipher what crystals should be used and what chakras need to be unblocked. Some of the most popular gems healers use are selenite, an amber, rose lepidolite, and stability. But there exist many from which to choose. Each provides a different healing property. For example, amber assists the energy which promotes self-esteem and love.  Selenite ensures the unblock energy of a person’s higher consciousness.  Crystal healers help a person to heal themselves from within and it is a skill that everyone can learn. In fact, there are several crystal healers’ course workshops that promote the overall knowledge of how crystal healing can effectively change a person’s life and wellbeing. During these crystal healers course workshops, a person can learn how to use visualization techniques as well as relaxation techniques to help them remove the negative energy from their bodies and balance the chakras to again feel the positive energy move throughout the body.

How to Stay Calm with Crystals for Anxiety

Pyrite for Motivation

Anxiety can be the result of a lack of self-confidence and self-discipline. When you need the motivation to achieve your goals, you can rely on the crystal healing properties of pyrite, which works on the third chakra. Also known as the solar plexus, this chakra is the center of willpower and self-esteem.

Lepidolite to Heal the Body and Mind

Lepidolite is the crystal to pull out when you are in serious need of help. If you feel a panic attack coming on, you will benefit from this flaky crystal because it contains very large amounts of lithium. It can help reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety including fatigue, sweating, and restlessness. It also works on an emotional level by giving off vibrations that calm the mind. Note that when it draws out a lot of emotional distress, it can crumble. Hopefully, you won’t need another.

Amethyst for an Anxious Attachment Style

If you have ever been in a relationship that has left you flooded with distress, obsessive thoughts, and a preoccupation with the other person that borders addiction, amethyst is the crystal for you. It is known to remove addictive thought patterns from your mind. Amethyst can even be mixed with other crystals to enhance their effects. If it is mixed with pyrite it is an even stronger cocktail anti-anxiety.

 Blue Lace Agate can Help You in Finding Your Voice

Blue lace agate is popular for its crystal healing properties that promote a sense of inner calm. However, if you are looking for a quick fix, look elsewhere, because it is only effective with long-term use. Blue lace agate can help you to develop confidence by learning to listen to yourself, hearing what your mind, gut, and heart are telling you, as opposed to being overly influenced by others. Regularly wearing a blue lace agate necklace is a great way to find inner calm.

Rose Quartz to Inspire Self-Love

This pale pink stone is widely known to be associated with the heart chakra. It emits loving vibrations that can help you deal with conflict in romantic relationships. Your love life or lack thereof can bring you a lot of anxiety. Also commonly found in jewelry, rose quartz can inspire you to find a deeper love and appreciation of yourself. With self-love, you can choose positive thoughts and behaviours that promote a less stressful lifestyle.

Peach Moonstone

This type of crystal assists in relieving your stress by ensuring that the harsh energy which comes from both external and internal sources are softened. It also opens your heart and helps you in releasing your defences. Thus you will be re-sensitized to the blessings and beauty that surround you. If you are pessimistic irritable or anxious and chronically jaded, peach moonstone can assist you to restore your hope for the future and faith in humanity.


Are you searching for a mineralogical sedative?  You can try howlite. It is powerful in relaxing your muscles and alleviating your worry. It will also bring a deep state of relaxation to your body, spirit, and mind. It is helpful when you are tightly wound, it will assist to relieve you from anxiety and stress. It also helps with sleep.


This is also called perspective stone. It assists you in stepping out of your situational stress. It connects you with the eternal realm. A place where you can hide with the surety that everything is unfolding perfectly. You will feel empowered to transform your current state after you have accepted your current condition.


This is a stone that will deeply heal your heart on both emotional and physical levels. It assists you in bolstering courage and nourishing vitality. It will also relieve you of your anxiety and stress by reminding you of what is necessary and brings you back to harmony with yourself.


This crystal is important at the heart level. The stone is powerful n changing negative thinking about success, finances or money. It will lift your vibration to assist you in feeling victorious, wealthy and healthy. It also reminds you to have a break. You will remember that relaxation is necessary for helping you to be at your best emotionally, physically and mentally. It also assists in the soothing and healing gastrointestinal tract. Thus if your anxiety and stress are as a result of digestive upsets. Chrysoprase is good for you.

Black Tourmaline

This crystal is amazing at neutralizing your unhealthy vibrations and frenetic. It soothes your nerves. It also ensures you are a finely-calibrated emotionally and physically. You can simply wear or hold a tourmaline. This will assist in dispelling and repelling negativity originating from external sources. This makes it is a good stone if you are an empath, sensitive and if you are working in a challenging environment.

There is no individual way which is working especially when you are using crystals for anxiety healing, thus you can try several ways before you can settle on the right one for you. There are many ways that you can use any of the above crystals for easing anxiety and making your life less stressful. Typical ways include meditation and lighting a candle and allowing it to flicker on the crystal of your choice. You can use them for holding in the palm to help reduce stress levels or you might want to sleep with them under your pillow to help bring down the levels of stress and anxiety.


Many people have had good results from the use of crystals, If you have a physical or mental issue and are hoping that crystals can help, your best course of action is to visit a reputable crystal healer for advice but to continue with whatever course of treatment your doctor has prescribed in the meantime. Crystals help our body’s energies to re-align or re-balance. We all hold perfect balance within, often really deep within and crystals help us to find that and entrain to our natural healing balance. It is also important to believe in its power, otherwise, your effort of transferring the positive energy will not work at all. However, if you do believe this, then you can use the crystals more to heal the body, mind, and well-being. If you are feeling anxious, you’ll definitely want to head over to your nearest crystal shop and experience the healing power of crystals for anxiety.

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