February Birthstone

February Birthstone


The month of February is one of the coldest and darkest months around the globe especially in contrast to the brighter month of January which precedes it. Just the same, it is also the shortest month of the year and the month of love. To get the necessary warmth from inside out, you can take advantage of the amethyst gemstone to get you through a cold period of your life.

Uses of Amethysts birthstone

Uses of amethyst include the ability to find love and good fortune. It is a strong adhesive for love and a bond of friendships that last as well as healthier relationships. If you are going all out on a quest, amethyst is said to have the ability to absorb dark forces nearby and protect you from ills on your journey. We all have those moments when we know that we have a mountain to climb and that we need a miracle to get to where we would rather be. This is the good luck charm for February babies that can get you there.

Other than its mystical powers, the amethyst stone is one of the most adorable pieces to wear for indoor and outdoor events. Others choose to place a specially mounted piece in their room so that they can enjoy its beauty and ambiance. It is preferably more attractive to place your amethyst near the window so that it can filter the negativity from the beams of light entering your interior space.

Background of Amethyst

Amethyst has been passed down for hundreds of generations from the time of Aaron’s breastplate as documented in biblical records.  At the time the significance of the stone was slightly different from what we have now. In fact, the whole idea of birthstone by month and the modern calendar are both pretty new. In comparison, amethyst has been around as a precious gem for thousands of years. During the time of Aaron’s breastplate, the gem represented one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Now people have linked each of the constituent gems with a special kind of power and amethyst is deemed one of the most powerful of the twelve.

Amethyst is a name that comes from the Alexandrian word amethystos which translates to “not to intoxicate.” This naming could have everything to do with the fact that in the past, the stone was worn by ancient civilians to protect them from getting intoxicated even when they had too much to drink. It was feared that the god of wine would not be amused if the mere mortals abused his creation and therefore the stone came in handy during celebrations that involved wine parties.

Appearance of Amethyst

Amethyst is a beautiful violet hued gemstone of great value as a rare piece. Ordinarily, the darker the hue on the amethyst the more valuable it is ranging from pale lavender to a deep purple color. It is as tough as nuts and certainly one of the most scratch resistant materials on the face of the earth making it an ideal everyday wear item. It also lacks a cleavage as it appears naturally and this only serves to add to its strength and durability.

The month of February could not possibly get a better suited gemstone that agrees with the mood and vibrancy requirements of the period. It is generally a short and calm month of reflections with a dark-ish feeling and amethyst is a warm fire for whoever has to spend it in meditation and alone. It is a stone that can be represent peace and tranquility but also courage and stability.

Regardless of your current location or circumstances, amethyst will be a gem like no other you have had before with the ability to provide some intrinsic warmth for the rest of the year. It can also cause serenity when you are trying to cool down when things get too hot. People have had very successful meditations with amethyst and that’s one more reason to believe in its power to impact lives positively.

Looking at amethyst, you will easily agree that it is a suitable stone to represent your character and personality as a February baby. It is the perfect pick for February birthday gifts and also a useful positive energy source for your gemstones collection. Some associate its dark hue with ability to absorb negativity leaving you surrounded with only positive vibes.

Significance of Amethyst

Amethyst also makes sense when presented to a romantic partner whether they were born in February or not. It is an exceptionally beautiful stone with some of the most fashionable pedants and bracelets carefully crafted to bring out the different personalities and style. In fact, the association of the amethyst birthstone with the month is a fairly recent development and so if it fits your personality, you should totally go for it.

Shopping for Amethyst birthstone


Whatever your reasons might be for shopping for amethyst, be it to shun evil spirits or for a fashion statement, the gems are a great store of wealth that has been on an upward trend in value. This means that the stones are a worthy investment that you can leave as an inheritance for the posterity and if and when the time comes to sell them off for a profit.

We have some of the best amethyst stones in store for you so that you can rest assure that you are buying the best value for money and more importantly the genuine gems. It is the most beautiful gem in a color that goes well most wear and complements beauty with its warmth.  It goes well with almost all colors in the wardrobe and is, therefore, an ideal gem for a fashion statement.

There are several options for bracelets and pendants and generally looks very beautiful when set in white and gold yellow metals. To get only the best valued stones you can trust no other than the best collection of birthstones in the world. You will rest assured that you are getting the best stones from the best mines and jewelers for only a fraction of the market price.


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