Healing Crystals | All You Need To Know Before Buying It

Healing Crystals – A Complete Guide

Healing crystals are all types of precious stones that are thought to possess certain healing properties and powers harnessed from the sun, moon and the oceans reuniting us with the earth when we encounter them. The beliefs surrounding healing crystals have been around for many centuries and the proof that they work exists in success stories that they come with. There are stones for nearly any situation we might encounter in life with several beliefs and conventions on the meaning and healing ability of certain crystals versus others.

Do healing crystals work?

Over the recent times people have begun to rediscover, like many ancient civilizations did before us, that crystals with vibration energy are universally healing. Crystals like quartz have been around since the dawn of time and for millions of years they have vibrated giving life to a lifeless planet. They make up 12% of the earth’s crust and are the cutting edge technology pasted in almost every field of computer and engineering. Crystals are an essential building block for computer chips yet for a long time we have given much thought to the possibility that the universe communicates with itself.

It is when we truly reconnect with Mother Nature that we can rediscover ourselves and ways in which the vibrational energy of crystals can be transformed into healing and many other good or bad manifestations in our lives. It’s all about vibrations in life as Albert Einstein once said. What you think about will manifest in your life because your thoughts are amplified by your surroundings

Scientific proof?

The closest we have ever gotten to scientific proof that crystals work “magic” is the work done by IBM Scientist Marcel Vogel who observed crystals growing under a microscope growing into the shape he was thinking about at the time. Just like the crystals could read Marcel’s mind. We know that the vibrations are due to random assembling and breaking of bonds between molecules, but is it so random after all? Here is where it matters what you choose to believe.

Why do we know crystals work?

Albert Einstein perhaps the greatest genius of the twentieth century once said that life itself could be nothing but vibrations. From our thoughts to activities such as movement, all aspects of our lives emulate those of our surroundings and what is about to manifest in our lives. Healing stones are thought to amplify such thoughts that make up the self and make you more alive and self-conscious and consequently even more in control over your own life.

Why do I need healing crystals?

You might be wondering what healing crystals are and why you need to even study them to find own that suit your personality and current situation. Well, there are enough healing stones for your preferences and tastes depending on what you want to achieve in synchrony with the stone. Whether for wearing for special occasions or periods of your life or for meditation, here we are determined to give you all you need to know about healing crystals all on one resource website.

Value for money

In the end, you will agree that these semiprecious stones and crystals will be a great investment to have as they appreciate in value and offer numerous benefits in terms of complimenting your beauty and style. They can help anyone who is on a spiritual journey and are equally a must have for anyone who loves to collect some good jewelry.

All in all, finding the right stone for your unique purpose is a spiritual quest on its own and one has to really dig deeper into themselves to discover what they need the most at this point in time. Finding the right healing stone is the first step towards achieving body and mind wellness and balance. A modern quest to find the power of healing vested in nature and within us and what elements amplify that energy to make us indefatigable.

Please note that the descriptions present on this page about healing crystals among other topics is purely based on our experiences with the products. Our use of crystals for meditation, yoga and other intents and purposes may be different from yours and most of what we offer here is not alternative form of medical advice. You should ideally consult your certified physician when you are feeling unwell. Healing crystals are a wellness exercise that can promote healing with the right treatment regimens in place already and should therefore not be used in place of proper medical diagnosis and treatment.

Do doctors recommend healing crystals?

Modern science does not disagree with the likelihood that crystals and some precious stones could contain hidden abilities. Already, scientist have been able to make use of the unique oscillations inside the quartz crystal to keep time in some of them most accurate chronometers in the world.

So in summary, concerning the viability of healing crystals for treatment of common diseases (Anxiety or Stress) and conditions, it is very clear that the pieces discussed here are only jewelry and will provide the empowerment and inspiration toward healing and are not themselves medicine. Crystals are a good way to promote your well-being.

How to choose healing crystals by purpose

Now that you understand the reasons why not to crystallize, it is high time you see the prices of some of the healing stones you can have delivered to your doorstep in a short time. Fell free to refer all your friends to our resource website on wellness crystals and link back to here for all things healing crystals and positive vibes.

There are stones for absorbing negative energy and there are stones for radiating positive energy and healing and even love. It is safe to say that there is a healing crystal to restore balance mental and physical at each and every point in time within the course of a life. Dealing with life’s ups and downs is no easy feat since none of us can claim to have the experience of relieving the same challenges and thus the unfair advantage of knowing what comes next. a perfect choice of healing crystal to match ones personality and the situation they are dealing with will help restore balance to their sobriety and good health when they need it the most to cope with the daily trials navigating the sea of life.

In general, you will find that the best stone for you to get yourself or for a friend depends on the occasion and what they are dealing with. It is likely that you will need more than one healing crystal but since they are not so pricey or something, it’s okay to have a w beautiful private collections of them in your home. You will find that each of them grows ever more sentimental and significant to your growth and development both spiritually, mentally and in material and immaterial wealth.

Healing by intentions

The whole practice of crystal healing is centered on the belief that we are a product of our thoughts and sum of our individual choices. What you conceive in your mind is possible for you. It all starts with a willingness to get better, when you make a decision to be better. Going on a quest means arming yourself with all the protection and rejuvenation gear you will need for your heroic destiny. The best tools for that kind of job depends on what you need to achieve and how you intend to get there.

In Buddhism, there is a saying “we are what we think” feed your mind with positive thoughts and good things will manifest in your life and the reverse is also true. Crystal healing is an art to be mastered like any other wellness practice and it takes time to bear good fruit. Ultimately you will need the guidance of someone who understands the rituals to get the best out of this but it is also true that the answers you seek are locked within you. True healing will start with the discovery of facts and truths about yourself you never knew existed.

We all need different healing crystals from time to time because each period of our lives requires something different. To take your vibrations and quality of life to the next level of positivity and manifestation of good things, you just need to pick the right stone for your intention.

Starting a collection

Essentially, collectors normally go for an entire collection of rocks they need, have needed before or those that they anticipate to use in the future. There are rocks that are a must have for crystal healing beginners that will explore in a bit but for now, let us focus on some of the reasons why people  need  crystal healing.

There is a crystal that can help for every occasion and challenge that you might be facing and learning how to use each of them and experiencing first hand their beauty and power is the whole fun of getting into crystal healing practices. What’s more, the gems are irresistibly beautiful to have on or keep in your house such that they add real value to your asset column.

Wealth and success

For Instance, if you are seeking wealth and success then you are looking for yellow and bright colored stones like citrine and other gemstones. These unique colors are those of optimism, and light filled energy that connects you directly to the universe. People looking for good luck charm gemstones will require a green hued stone like jade and aventurine.


Boost creativity

On the other hand, those seeking creativity will require a stone such as carnelian which makes a useful spiritual companion. Cleopatra loved the Lapis Lazuli crystal for its positive powers and the ability to safeguard our hearts against dark energy. The creative types always enjoy being in the company of positive vibes and people are not especially good for that purpose. A carnelian bracelet will make a great gift for self and anyone who needs the inspiration to finish a creative project.

The energy off of these stones will have working late into the night and losing track of time in the process. Now this makes a great sober way of getting the inspiration and energy to keep going regardless of the circumstances that surround you.

Express yourself with a suitable crystal

If you are looking for the right words to say what is in your heart, you can find freedom of expression of your inner thoughts and heart’s desires with a stone like Blue Lace Agate. It makes a great gift for someone you haven’t been able to come clean about your feeling for yet. Expressing what you feel and what you desire means having to reach into your inner self and reveal your true intentions and Blue Lace Agate will help you achieve just that.

It’s not always easy to find the words or to even convince ourselves of our true intentions in life. For every beginner, you need to find a purpose for your healing and if you are not entirely honest with your healer and yourself then it is likely that you will not get meaningful results from crystal healing.

So whether it’s a love relationship or you are trying to get everyone on board with a project presentation, this stone will help you be heard in a crystal manner.

Love and relationships

Lastly, if you need a cupid to strike a heart, then then there are crystals for unconditional love too! Crystals like the Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite. These stones possess the unique ability to clarify feelings of love and to be able to see your relationships with compassion and enhanced understanding.  Whether you are looking for love, or you are in love, these two magic crystals will make sure it lasts.

Love is one of the most common reasons people want to use healing crystals and for most of us, in fact for all of us, life just is not complete without love. Love in all its various forms revolves around unconditional care and a number of positive and unfortunately some negative emotions too. It is one of those phenomenon that we have to reach to our higher self to understand and therefore crystal vibrations are indeed applicable for love relationships of any kind.

Identifying crystals by color

So what if you came across a completely new crystal that no one else in the universe has discovered and you suspect that it might possess some healing properties. Now what? Let us look at a simple criteria for classifying any gemstone for healing using just the color and hue so as to predict what it might mean and the energies and powers it might possess.

Color is a simple and straight ford manner in which you can identify and categorize a healing crystal right off the bat. It is true that our minds interpret different colors to mean different things and so many gemstone experts also use color schemes to classify the semiprecious healing crystals. It’s very effective to use color to classify rocks because then even a rookie will be in a position to tell one stone from the other without the use of special tools. This works provided that all stones present to the beginner are genuine of course.  Another shortcoming of using colors is the challenge when it comes to using if for stones like calcite which exist in various colors. Others in this category of exceptions are tourmaline, fluorite

The following is a robust guide to most common color schemes in healing gems and their interpretation in terms of healing and energies.

  • Black

Black is mostly associated with mystery and power.  Black also signifies protection through anonymity and invisibility. Black gems are precious as they carry the most power of absorption of negative energies and provide healing. Black obsidian, black tourmaline and hematite are some black gems that can be used for healing. Fortunately, black is a universal color and goes well with nearly any other color combination and consequently enhances the beauty of the wearer and the room every time.

  • Grey

Grey is the color of night and moonlight showing just how wide our world and universe are. Silvery stones are also in the same category as grey ones. The stones will remind of a starry night sky that and are ideal for cleaning of the spirit. They are subtle and will not draw from the beauty of the room yet they are capable of much in the way of healing.

  • Brown

Brown is perhaps the best way to reconnect with mother earth and trees. It has a woody or earthy feel to it which makes brown gems uniquely attractive. Brown stones are thought to absorb much of the negative energy in your space making room for positive vibes. An example of such healing gem to buy is smoky quartz or the brown jasper. These will make it easier for someone struggling with dark energies to get rid of them.

Other healing crystals that are brown are the Petrified Wood, Bronze and Tiger’s Eye

  • Blue

Blue goes with tranquility and relaxation. When we are off balance emotionally due to life’s trying moments, blue healing crystals possess the power to restore our emotional and bodily balance. Blue also reminds of the ocean the source of life. For others, blue reminds them of a clear sky and that is good sign of the times and hence people always feel more at ease and positive about the future. The gems are also very beautiful to wear and for interior decoration without taking from the overall look of the room or dress. Common gems that are blue hued are Angelite, Celestite Lapis Lazuli among others.

  • Green

Green is a lucky color and so for those seeking a lucky charm, green gems make the best healing stones. This is for when it takes a miracle for patients to heal or when you need a great breakthrough after a series of failures and setbacks. Green will actually activate and clear your heart in readiness for the great things to come. It can have some of the most balanced emotions while luring good fortune and great success in your path. Again whatever you seek, if you really need luck to get there, green charms will make sure of it.

  • Purple

Purple stands for enlightenment and sometimes intuition. It is safe to say that purple is a magical color that also captures some rather relaxing emotions and an air of mystery to it. Take for instance, a stone like amethyst. It has a majestic appearance that adds to its beauty while at the same time leaving some details unclear about its internal structure. Yet in a way, the complexion induces a calming and soothing sensation.

Purple stones are thought to be some of the most powerful in terms of amplification of energy. They are also deemed to be good absorbers of bad energies dampening intoxication levels and preventing damage to the body and mind.

  • Orange

Orange is the color of the sunset or sunrise in most parts of the world. The power and color of the sun can be recreated using some orange colored stones within the same hue such as orange calcite aragonite and copper. Capturing the spirit of the sun which is essentially the source of all life on our planet is essential to rejuvenating one self and ascending the throne of power.

Those seeking power and leadership will find the powerful orange color very useful. Others believe that the fiery orange color has the ability to awaken the passion within our spirits and rejuvenate us for the period to come.

  • Pink

Pink signifies love and compassion. In addition, pink stones are some of the most attractive stones you will find.  We have the pink tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite are some variants you can consider taking out to win a heart. For those in pursuit of love relationships whether intimate or family will benefit from the heart opening capabilities of the pink luster.

With pink, you can’t go wrong for finding love with so many choices to go for. Other healing crystals and stones you might consider buying include Pink Sapphire and Lepidolite.

  • Red

Red is a color of passion and life. Many people associate red with love, passion and blood which is the fluid of life. As such, red is a warm color that will steal all the attention in the room owing to its stunning beauty. Garnets, Ruby, And Red Tiger’s Eye are some gems you can watch out for in this category.

The use of red stones is that of providing warmth and grounding energy whether for love or other purpose. There are other instances when red is required such as for supporting the root chakra.

  • White

As might have guessed already, white represents purity and tranquility. These stones are excellent for positivity and healing among other applications. Examples include clear quartz and selenite. Clear Quartz is especially loved for its ability to transform negative energies into positive ones.

To use these crystals, incorporate them into your healing layouts and speed up your recovery and detox process. They also offer protection from external aggression and also from within. The stones resonate with optimism. Color white is essentially used in hospitals as it calms the mind and promotes quick recovery.

  • Yellow and gold

Yellow is the color of optimism and wealth. It signifies the scorching midday sun and strength of insolation and at times fiery embers. Generally, yellow stones will bring you joy and optimism in your life while they relight the flame within your being. If you have seen many dark days, yellow stones will heal by bringing more sunshine into your home. Examples include the Topaz, Amber, Yellow Tiger’s Eyes and Jasper.

Gold colored stones are a symbol of great wealth and power. Stones with golden color include pyrite and Gold.

Top powerful healing crystals for all beginners


amethyst healing crystalsAmethyst is one of the most beautiful and loved healing stones and a birthstone for February the coldest and darkest month of the year for many people around the globe. It has very beautiful lustre and lilac to violet hue. This stone is especially powerful when it comes to finding a spiritual experience while preventing intoxication and finding spiritual protection. In ancient times the rock was worn to prevent guests at a party from getting drunk and invoking the wrath of the god of wine for abusing his creation.

Amethyst is a beautiful addition for your jewelry collection that goes well with most looks or interior décor if you are choosing to go with the table top rock. Amethyst has a cool composition to it and works best with medication and healing yoga.


citrine_healing_crystalsWhen you need to transform some of your negative energy into positive vibes, citrine is the healing stone that you seek. It has the capability to transform negative energy into positive energy stimulating mental power and focus so that you are able to be in the driver’s seat in your own life. It is also known as the stone of joy for eliminating all the negativities and generating some fun and positive vibes and an overall blissful experience.

Just looking at the stone you can tell from its brightness that it emanates only positive energy with no dark patches. It is you go to transducer for transforming negative vibes to good ones as its name is derived from its ability to harness the power of the sun and moon to illuminate your days and nights. It is ideal for placing on the windowsill if you want to filter out all the negativity from the world and enjoy your own exclusive infusion of natural light that rejuvenates life on the planet.

Citrine is hugely considered a one of the stones for manifestation and is suitable for beginners ideally because it helps to make our intentions and dreams a reality. Other than that, the stone is adored for its ability to motivate individuals to reinstall good habits and always be optimistic about the future no matter what the current situation is.

Citrine is a glittering eye candy that will certainly look stunning beautiful for your interior décor and body wear for those in search of pedants and jewelry. if you are just starting out on your journey to reconnect with mother nature, this stone is a must have because there is truly no vibrations, no life without light from our eternal source of light, the mother of our planetary system, the sun. the citrine rock will get you the positive vibes you need even when times get hard.


shungite_healing_crystalsIf you are just starting out as a precious stones collector, you most likely haven’t heard of this stone or encountered it. That is because the rock is one of the least abundant materials on our planet. Lucky for you we have and we would like to share with you the knowledge you need to have in order to use Shungite for healing.

Shungite is basically a detox healing crystal that helps in speedy recovery from all forms of harmful disease and energies in the vicinity. It is also primarily used for anti-anxiety treatments and as well antioxidant effects. It will protect you from all forms of harmful vibrations around you due to modern day equipment such as Wi-Fi routers, television sets and cellphone antennas, yes, you smartphone has one too!

We place the Shungite rock near the Wi-Fi router, at the back of the mobile phone casing to prevent harmful EMFs etc. people rarely wear the stone because of its powerful effects but with gradual introduction your body should be able to handle its power over time.

Get a piece of Shungite for your laptop, your phone and pretty much any device that relies on electromagnetic radiation to operate and you spend time near it. The dampening of harmful EM waves will not affect the normal operation of your gadget and therefore you don’t have to worry about walking around with a cellphone signal jammer.


Selenite_healing_crystalsHere we have another cleansing crystal that works to ensure a positive flow of vibrations filtering out all the negative energies from your precious rock collection and the surrounding. Since it makes purity easier, it is also a recommended choice for all beginners seeking rejuvenation and only the best vibes from their collections.

The selenite rock s able to remove negativity from the body and vicinity making it an ideal choice for detox and protection against dark energies while clearing the aura around the user. This can be achieved by moving the rock down from the head to the feet in a simple ritual. Repeating this move severally will unlock a new white ray of light connecting us directly to the universe.

Selenite is loved for its power to restore balance and protection in form of the white light. Those seeking to reconnect with other nature and our entire universe, this is the rock you might be looking for.

Clear quartz

clear_quartz_healing_crystalsClear quartz makes a pretty vital component of any collection of healing crystals since it has the ability to magnify intentions. It will grow the faith and quest for healing in every beginner making it possible for the universe around you to hear your thoughts and desires. The crystal is endowed with the unique ability to mimic the vibrations of crystals around it. It is often used to re-energize the other rocks in your collection because it also doubles as a selective rejecter of negative energies.

To harness the power of the clear quartz crystal accumulated over the millions of years it has been on the face of the earth is easy. All you need to do is sit with the stone and meditate on your intentions and the stone will do its magic. Clear quartz will fill your body with positive energy pure and true as it has derived it from nature through thousands of sunrises and sunsets.

Which healing crystal is best for me?

If you still don’t have a clue what kind of stone will help you during which times, you can consult us as your seasoned healing crystal experts for a long time. There are books about healing crystals in a library near you that you can also refer to but be sure to come here more often for a quick recap of the latest improvements and the modern interpretations of each and every healing crystal you might encounter out there.

We always strive to improve our libraries about the latest one crystal healing but even this market is not set in stone. People are still finding new ways to use crystals for healing, health and beauty and making their own meaning all the time. This is especially so because now more than ever communcicaton has made it easier for people across the globe to share ideas and experiences and hence contribute to the growth of the art in general.

This has come not without its downside since misinformation leading to incorrect purchases and scams over the internet are all too common. Some unscrupulous dealers will sell fake gemstones for a fortune and deliberately lie to their customers to improve sales. Nevertheless, there are a handful of suppliers out there who still believe in truth before sales and will gladly tell you they do not have the stone you need rather than sell forgeries.

The art of crystal healing is by no means simplistic or a modern invention for that matter. There are literally tons of evidence and documentation that adding gemstones to your life actually improves some aspects of healing and growth. So whenever you come across a rock or crystal that you feel has some energy behind it, you can share it with our readership, someone somewhere knows about it or is currently using it for some healing rituals and it could of significant value to you as well. Whenever you come across something new, you can start by asking the experts or even your local gemstone dealer but don’t always be in a hurry to sell the piece as it could be worth more than what you are initially offered for it.

We will gladly explain to you the procedure that you need to undertake to make use of any healing rituals and stones that you might encounter if we have encountered the stone before. We also welcome your experiences and stories regarding crystal healing as we alone cannot experience it all. it is your story as well. So feel free to post here any magical experiences you encounter with any known or unknown healing crystal. Together we will find out the truth about the best stones for love, anxiety relief, wealth among many other heart desires we might have.


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your experience will be the same as described here regarding the use for healing crystals for health improvement. Just the same, you can rest assure that the stones are not only appealing but also a good addition in terms of motivation to get better. We are your number one healing crystal experts but are in no way replacement for your medical doctor. Often people come to us in pursuit of healing and mental calm when diagnosed in incurable conditions which is very okay for closure and mental health benefits.

Final thoughts on Healing Crystals

The final verdict would be that there is an increasingly large following among healing crystal practices generally because the proof is in the results that patients get with the stone. It’s hard to dispute the power of healing crystals for the mind when so many people are able to swear by their ability to transform lives. From finding true love to experiencing your first miracle of healing from chronic diseases, the magical healing crystals might be your way out of any tricky scenario you might be trapped in. at the end of the day, we are nothing but energy and vibrations ourselves and sometimes seeking the light means going back to mother nature and reconnecting in a strong bond like never before. That is what healing crystals entail.