January Birthstone

January Birthstone


People born on the first month of the western year have the luck of having one of the brightest months of the year around the planet. This is perhaps the reason why the people born in January are some of the most vibrant and energetic positive persons even as adults. And this month has gotten no dimmer when it comes to picking a birthstone to depict their character. The garnet is one of the most coveted stones by jewellers and jewellery enthusiasts with collections around the world. It is a very thoughtfully chosen stone when it because it seems to be very similar in features and power to the mood and atmosphere which also speaks to the lives of a majority of January babies.

When you start your year with your birthday month, you surely need tons of optimism to carry you through the remaining months and Garnet is a reliable source of positive vibes. It is generally accepted that January babies run on positive vibes and therefore there could not be another stone better suited to bedazzle the January baby.

So, if you know any January babies or it’s your birthday month too, this stone should blow your mind. More importantly, we explore the birthstone meaning of Garnet for people born in the month of January. We also take a quick look at the appearance and sourcing of Garnet so that it you can acquire the birthstone for a loved one.

Garnet appearance and sources

Garnets are not just a singular entity like with most other gemstones. There are color variants and the clarity also vary due to the various sources and the unique composition of the minerals in each rock derived from a different environment. They have essentially the same minerals in different percentage compositions and the speed of formation varies slightly also. We can safely say that garnet is a common name for an aggregation of minerals that present as a rainbow of colors. These colors range from a deep green which are called as Tsavorites to a deep red color called as pyrope.

If you are hoping to stumble on a garnet rock, you better make sure you take frequent in uninhabited areas of Africa and parts of India. Sri Lanka as well but it will take you some level of expertise in rocks and their appearance to avoid hauling in tons of worthless rock material. The finished material is however absolutely stunning and can be sourced right at your doorstep if you order right now!


Meaning of garnet as a birthstone

These stones have come a long way in the evolution of names and meanings and sometimes it can be hard to trace the lineage of each stone and how it was used. What we normally present here is the contemporary use and meaning of each birthstone by month.

The spiritual meaning of the garnets gemstones has also evolved much as the use. The stone has been associated with protection by guardian angels and the biblical significance assigns the stone to angel Gabriel. This is an important archangel in biblical scriptures and faithful’s will not shy from a chance to wear the stone for its protection against all ills.

Garnet comes from the word Granatum which is a word that means seed. The stones take after the seeds of pomegranate hence the name. In another part of the world, the word garnet translates to serpent stone and therefore the interpretation of the garnet stones changes slightly across the globe even to date but like we mentioned, we will run away with the most popular interpretation. There will always be more than one interpretation because birthstone by month concept slightly varies from other mythologies and zodiac signs.

In other cultures, apart from Hindu, i.e. Roman, Hebrew, Russian, and Polish, the word garnet is borrowed directly in meaning as with English and that is the meaning that we choose to promote.

History of garnets

The history of garnets dates back all the way to ancient Egypt at around 3100 BC when the Egyptian rulers had their adornments made out of the gemstone. Other civilizations that came afterwards also had serious love affairs with the stone as there are garnets for everyone’s taste literary. In reality, no one stone is completely similar to any other since they are all beautifully but uniquely made naturally and cut.

In the past, the stone has also been worn for protection be its alleged special powers of rejuvenation. People born in January have worn the stone to draw from the gallant energy source and find the necessary fuel to carry them through the remaining months of the year.

Legends around the garnet stone claim that the stone can protect from nightmares and they have for a long time been carried by long distance traders, travellers and explorers to protect them against mishaps and fatalities along the way.

Different colors for garnet birthstones

As earlier noted, there are more than enough variants of garnets some rarer than others. The difference is mainly in the hue of each stone as they vary with all rainbow colors from green to red. You will also find browns and fiery orange garnets for your appetite. The key influence on the color variation is the environments from which the stones are derived. For instance, we have greens from Russia and parts of Africa and orange and browns from Namibia and Sri Lanka.

Garnets gifts

Garnet birthstones make a very thoughtful gift for a family member or anyone dear to you if that what you need. Previous owners have useful inspiration, energy and sentimental value in the stones and they are certainly worth more than you can pay for them at a decent jeweller.

Because of its variance in colour and glamour, the garnet stone is not only a suitable birthstone gift but also a viable gift for all family members for various occasions. It is certainly one piece of jewellery that does not fade with time and remains beautiful and valuable for centuries to come.

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