March Birthstone

March Birthstone

Aquamarine and Bloodstone

Are you a believer in birthstones? Whether or not you buy the idea of stones providing positive vibes for you to run on. It is well known fact and with growing popularity that people born in March are some of the most awesome persons of ever and also some of the most interested when it comes to birthstones. Why not, their birthstone is also awesome! Welcome to the resource page for birthday boys and girls. We discuss the appearance and powers of aquamarine and Bloodstone and how to buy the genuine gems and for the best prices


If you are one of the people who were born in march and happen to believe in the power of birthstones in transforming and empowering your life, you have come to the best page. We are your best sport when it comes to birthstone by month and are all too willing to take you through the meaning of each stone and what powers it might possess. This works to prepare your mind for the wonders about to manifest in your life and get your stone collection right by purpose.


For those of us born in March, we are privileged to have two choices of birthstones and so in this article, we will dwell on we will dwell in the particulars that set them apart. We have of course the aquamarine and bloodstone gems which are distinct by physical appearance but also in a way similar in the powers they possess. Here are some details


As you probably figured out even without your degree in rock science if there is such as thing is that fright off the bat, this is a marine gem. If the term Aqua doesn’t tell it all, then marine will certainly spill the beans. And as you can imagine, this stone was first discovered by sailors who then learn of its power to protect them against the surging waves threatening to tear down their ancient ships and put an end to their journeys.  It is believed to posses the power to protect against all sorts of mishaps and bad fortune.

Just looking at this rock induces calm in you thanks to the serene and deep color that it possesses. From the moment you place this gem in your hand, you know that you have found peace amidst any storm you might be going through. Owners of this gem have found it indispensable when going on trips and when retreating to seek internal calm and peace.

Other than peace of mind the stone is absolutely beautiful especially if you take out a chubby one with the deep greenish blue color that can resonate with any summer wardrobe.  The color is pretty intense though the gem only serves to compliment your chosen wear making the wearer irresistibly beautiful.

Finding Aquamarine

You might be wondering where to find the Aquamarine stone naturally, that would most likely be in parts of Brazil, and Pakistan as well some other African countries like Madagascar, Nigeria. Taking a trip to Africa would be a great break you could use but it is also unlikely that you will stumble upon this precious stone. Instead, you can trust our tentative hand to guide you to the best collections of Aquamarine jewelry in the world.

The various sources present slight variations of the stone with different shades with some more blue and with others greener. Generally, you will find that the larger the stone, the lighter the tone.


Now for the second half of this article where we will highlight the features of the co-birthstone to Aquamarine called as Bloodstone. Like we said earlier, the stone do share some commonality namely the greenish appearance but the Bloodstone does have some bloody spots. It might look like blood stains from some ancient inhabitants of our dear planet but it is indeed the specs of oxidized iron deposited over thousands of years.

As the name suggests, the stone has been used to heal for blood disorders but in ancient times it was also an ideal material for making seals and amulets. The usage and adoration of the stones dates back to ancient Babylon and throughout all of documented history, the stone has remained one of the most sought after and valuable gems around the globe.

To discover new deposits of the bloodstone gem, you are better off flying to Australia or parts of India. Brazil which is endowed with a number of precious gems is also a leading source of bloodstone. But when you need some refined gems ready to wear and to decorate your home, we have exclusive access to some of the best collections in the world, shop with us today!

Appearance of Aquamarine

The look and feel of Aquamarine is that of the stunning bright sea and with hints of pastel sky blue. For many years, the stones have be in use as a symbol for youthfulness and vibrant lifestyle. Other traits that you can draw from the stones is that of good health, good luck, and fidelity. There is no life without the sea, as we strongly believe that it is the home of the earliest forms of life on the planet.

Since the dawn of time, stones like the Aquamarine and Bloodstone have been around absorbing all the energy and wisdom of our planet and now you can harness the same energy for your own prosperity. They say the stone can give immortality as they are the embodiment of eternal life.  Whether you are looking for a soothing calm in your marriage or relationship or protection from bad fortune when on your quest for greater things, make it count with a purchase of a march birthstone. With this stone, this year could be the year that you rewrite the story opening up to a new chapter of wonder ad good manifestations.

Welcome to our collection of gems with the most vivid stones that add to the beauty of the wearer and the entire room. Buy today and experience the power of a the powerful dual as they are more than you need for an exciting march birthday month experience.

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