May Birthstone

May Birthstone



Are you a person who believes in birthstones and their mythological significance in a person’s life? Regardless, are you curious to know what your birthstone by birthday month is? if you were born in May, your stone is one of the most adorable, emerald. Well, if you are here to know all about emerald birthstone and gifts and how to identify and purchase them for cheap, you have come to the right page. We also have other birthstones for all other months you can explore for your amusement and information. As you might be aware, birthstones are mythological gemstones given to people born in a certain month and that can bring certain good manifestations in their lives. Stick around to decipher the power of emeralds and their significance to people born in May.

Properties of Emeralds

You might wonder what powers the famous emerald stones so here are some affects you might want to know about. Every stone has unique properties and for emerald, they are a true reflection of its beauty and optimism.

  • Faithfulness
  • Loyalty
  • Friendship

This gemstone has some metaphysical properties that you might be looking for in a healing crystal that include enhanced memory, clairvoyance and faithfulness. These are only the most prominent features that the rock can impart and like any other gemstones the interpretation and significance vary slightly according to individual and regional interpretations. The healing properties of emerald are a strong point to consider. It has healing properties over conditions that cause infertility and poor eyesight, headache and spinal issues.

The gemstone used primitively to enhance mental cognitive abilities of persons whether they were April babies or not. Just looking at the emerald stone even in the natural setting, you are able to understand why it is a precious stone. The beauty of the rock in its natural setting is evident from within and outside.

Finding Emeralds

If you are on a quest for emeralds, you want to booking your flights to the African countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia Columbia and brazil, whichever is nearer to you. If a trip to Africa is not on your calendar, you can always shop for high clarity stones online with customized features to meet your personal taste and preferences. Stones vary in quality and the best emeralds are certainly well polished and processed to make them as beautiful and wearable as you want them.

When you are a may child, you will not have many choices for a birthstone but fortunately, the one you do have is absolutely beautiful. When correctly polished the stone presents as a beautiful wearable piece or for interior décor.

For those interested in zodiac signs you might be aware that the emerald gemstone stands for the zodiac sign of Taurus the sign of the bull. That is for people who escaped the womb between twenty first April to twentieth of May. This is the same sign that is given for Diamond, sapphire, garnet agate which are also other precious gemstones and regal birthstones.

Appearance of Emeralds

Emeralds are typically green in color which is the color considered somewhat conservative and was traditionally very popular in the Victorian jewelry. The green color has the most significance and interpretation across the world’s social, religious backgrounds of Islam, and biblical interpretations. Wherever you come from, green could symbolize the rebirth and renewal of life. The deeper the color the more intense the sensation of the emerald will be.

Other features of the Emerald birthstone

Other than friendship, loyalty, and faithfulness, the emerald stones will impart other features in your life such as youthfulness, foresight and generally good fortune so that good things keep manifesting in your life. This is ideal for a gift to someone in the prime of their life and who requires the youthful vibrancy to excel in all their endeavours and to live life to the fullest. Anyone in need of a miraculous manifestation in their life will also benefit from an emerald stone’s energy.

Historically, the emerald gemstone can be traced back all the way to ancient Egypt when Cleopatra took control of the emerald mines and used the stone to adorn her palace and wear. Human interest in the attractive stones as early as 1300 BC.

Other nations of ancient times that were fascinated with emeralds include the Roman empire and Greeks. For the Romans, the beauty of the emerald stone was only akin to the goddess Venus who represented love, beauty, and fertility. The Greeks couldn’t agree more as they also adorned the god of beauty, love, and fertility with the gemstone.

Peoples around the world have held the emerald stones as sacred including the Incas. Aztecs and Muzo Indians from Columbia. When the Spanish army arrived in South America, they fell in love with the high-quality emeralds and their trade with the rest of the world made the emerald jewelry to spread across the world the and earned the respect it deserved.

There are legends and myths that surround this lovely birthstone as it has been around that long. People believed that emeralds gave people the ability to see the future and also safeguard against evil spirits. In these healing rituals, the stone was placed under the tongue to detox and chase away evil spirits that might be occupying the human body. On other occasions, the wearer could tell if the lover’s vows were true or not when wearing the stone in their adornments.

The appearance of Emerald birthstone

The stone is green in color and that is the spring green and the more vivid the green the more valuable the color. Emeralds that have hints of blue are some of the most valuable as they are rare. These are not completely blue but with a bluish hue on the basic green color. These gems are not only some of the rarest stones on the planet but also come with unique birthmarks that distinguish a stone from others of the same kind. These marks known as inclusions do not take away from the beauty of the emerald but add to the value of the stone.

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