September Birthstone

September Birthstone


If you are lucky enough to have escaped the grip of the womb on a September day, you are privileged to call Sapphire your birthstone. This is a gem that has been worn by royalty and whose colors adorn everything that is royal. It is a protective stone as well as a healer in addition to being a very romantic gift. Ranking just second in hardness with a nine out of ten for diamonds, this gemstone can be the hardest substance in your home. It is therefore ideal for daily wear as it is virtually indestructible.


Sapphire birthstone meaning

Sapphire refers to the gem of course and not the small hummingbird with blue to violet colors. Perhaps the bird is a reason why most people immediately imagine blue when they hear of the word. According to many sources, sapphires are a symbol of good virtue, wisdom, and holiness for royalty. It is believed to bring good spiritual insight, and celestial hope. It may represent many other good qualities among them power, strength, wise judgment and kindness.

Most people thinking of sapphire as a blue gem is justifiable because the blue is the signature appearance of the rare gem. They do come in all shapes and colors though ranging from purple, to yellow, to pink and even green. The royal blue is perhaps the most coveted sapphire color and that explains why most people think blue when they think sapphire.

It is true that the royal blue sapphire is a popular choice and one that fetches way higher amounts than other variants of the stone but it is only blue because of the additional chemical elements.

This is the gem and birthstone for those who seek wisdom, faith, and power. It is also supposed to protect your from envy while showering you with many blessings from the heavens. There is a myth that goes that a poisonous spider will die if placed in the same confined space as a blue sapphire. People of ancient civilizations wore the stone to protect themselves against venomous creatures such as snakes and spiders.

History of Sapphire

Sapphire is a word derived from the Latin word saphirus and the Greek word sappheiros which means blue. It’s no wonder then that sapphires even though not always so, are thought of as royal blue. There are other interpretations of the same name that point to its association with the planet Saturn.

The sapphire gemstone has been around for the longest time and has the same rich history as rubies.  Interesting enough, the ten commandments are believed to have been engraved on sapphire. if that was the case many people who draw their faith from biblical accounts will have high regard for the stone that makes it even more valuable.

Since Satan is symbolized by a reptile, the priests of the middle ages also wore the stone to protect themselves against his venom and temptations of the flesh. The purity of thought was also a reason to keep the gems nearby at all times.

Royalty would also wear the stone for obvious protection from envy of their subjects and all forms of harm that might come their way. Interestingly, warriors would also give sapphire necklaces to their wives as they went off to battle to ensure that they remained faithful. The belief was that the color of the necklace would darken if the wife was unfaithful.

Finding Sapphires

Sapphires are mined in the South Wales and Queensland as well as parts of the United States and Australia. It is Australia and New South Wales that hold the largest mines in the world with some other older mines such as Kashmir exhausted to a point where no more sapphires are found. Other parts of the world where sapphire mining is of significant contribution the Sri Lankan mines which have sourced some of the highest carats in the history of the gem.  The more the carats, the higher the durability and luster the more the gem will fetch in the international market.

Sapphire Colors

The healing properties of the sapphire stone are many just as its color variants. Each color has the unique capabilities to ease tension and distractions for the body and mind. What seems to be the cornerstone of all such beliefs is that sapphire has the ability to prevent attacks from evil in all its various forms and venomous beings.

Purple Sapphire

For the purposes of sampling and because most blue sapphires have a purple to violet hue, we will give the meaning of purple sapphire. This shade of the gem means an awakening of the consciousness and it is believed to attract great wealth. It has the ability to sense all forms of energy surrounding us that you cannot feel or see otherwise.

The September baby has several color variants to choose from when picking sapphires for a birthstone. Like rubies, sapphire is made up of bauxite or corundum. They are essentially the same material as rubies but the color difference due to the different concentrations of the elements makes non-red rubies to be classified as sapphires. There are sapphires in all-natural shades including greys and blacks.

There are even translucent sapphires as what determines the hue is the concentration and presence of certain elements like chromium which makes sapphires pink. In addition to the above-mentioned colors, there is a sapphire for each and every color of the rainbow. Even though sapphires are less valuable compared to rubies, they are essentially the same rock and have the same features. Further, you get to choose a favorite color if red is not.

How to tell if a Sapphire is real

There are many manufactured sapphires on the market and this makes it very easy to get duped. To know if the stone is real, use the services of an expert or simply examine the rock looking for inclusions. These are akin to birthmarks for the rocks which might be tricky for manufacturers to include. All rubies and sapphires have them if they are really from nature.

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